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Carib International provide solutions for small to mid-size companies through the enhancement of information technology systems, primarily E.R.P Systems, to meet your business requirements and gain maximum leverage for your investment in that technology. We specialize and offer assistance in identifying and developing improvements for existing systems, and also migration and integration to new applications.

Carib International is focused on technologies that are relevant today and those that will be crucial tomorrow.

More about us...

Carib International was founded in June 1994 and is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, USA. While we operate mainly in the North American sector, we also deal with clients in Europe and South East Asia. Our business, like that of most of our clients, is global.

Our objective at Carib International is to develop a lasting beneficial partnership with our clients. We work closely with your organization to ensure our services and our consultants meet your aspirations and objectives, as well as ours.

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